Press Release: Milwaukee, WI Shooting

Wisconsin Tuesday, August 7 2012 – The state of Wisconsin has been stricken with a senseless act of violence at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, a small residential community south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Within hours, our disaster action teams were on-site to support both the first responders and the Sikh community itself. We are profoundly grateful to all those who have responded immediately and our response continues. We have been providing snacks, food, water, coffee and a bit of respite 24-7 for first responders as the investigation is ongoing inside the temple.

In addition, and our licensed mental health providers have been meeting with the Sikh temple families and the community at-large.

Tonight, the City of Oak Creek is hosting their annual National Night Out and they have added a candle light vigil for later this evening. The American Red Cross will be on-hand with water, recovering after a disaster tips and emotional counselors will be available too. Through the violence, greater knowledge has been learned about the Sikh community and together we will all hold hands as the healing continues.

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