Story: Wildfires in Oklahoma

This story is written by Red Cross worker Ken Garcia.

Oklahoma Wildfires

Darrin Cranford with the Boy Scouts Last Frontier Council in Oklahoma City saw the flames on his television and the devastation of property across central and eastern Oklahoma.

“I thought, ‘Wow’ this is a sad thing,” Cranford said.

Looking for a way to help, Cranford got a call from the American Red Cross and United Way asking for assistance with building sifting boxes to send to families in Luther, Noble, Glencoe and Mannford. He didn’t even hesitate with offering help from the Boy Scouts.

“Our motto is to do a good turn daily,” he said. “I would hope if I was in the same situation, they would help me”.

Using funds provided by the American Red Cross and United Way, Cranford and his two sons visited an Oklahoma City Home Depot where management reduced the price of the supplies.

Boys and girls of all ages as well as their parents from the Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venturing Crew grabbed hammers, saws, glue and nails and rapidly built over 50 sifting boxes.

“When people are in need, you have to step up and help them”, Cranford’s son Drew said. “So many people lost everything and we want to do our part”.

The American Red Cross is handing these sifting boxes out to families so they can search for personal items. A very big thank you to Boy Scouts Troop 180 and Troop 17 for your hard work in giving to those who have suffered much during this disaster.

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